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i don't have feelings, and i don't hold hands.

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We compromised, sometimes in ways that made us not sleep so well. But we did it so that people could be free. This isn’t freedom. This is fear.
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I’m not a hero. I’m a thief. Born a thief. Raised a thief. Will die a thief.

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I’m going to murder you a thousand times.

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So, I re-watched snk with my mom and then I asked her about her favorite character and she said:

"Armin!, At first I thought he was weak but he isn’t. He is brilliant and very intelligent, I like him."

Thanks mom, I like Armin too.

…she also said she likes Mikasa because she is super macho.

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Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka reenact the spaghetti scene from Lady and the Tramp

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saw the uniform in this post and wanted to draw older damian in it.

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